Thursday February 09, 2023

Howard Shore’s Videodrome Rating Is preparing to WRECK HAVOC ON Your Head

Videodrome artwork by Rich KellyImage: Rich Kelly/MondoAlmost 40 years following its release, David Cronenberg’s Videodrome rings true still. A sci-fi horror thriller in regards to a TV channel that may you need to be murdering people in an effort to corrupt perverted Americans somehow now, within an era of streaming, social media marketing, and 24/7 news, feels newer an ever. Even though the film has remained timeless disturbingly, its music has remained absent oddly.AdvertisementPrevious releases of the film’s score, compiled by Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings composer Howard Shore, weren’t the entire, original score-just remixes. However now, for the very first time ever, the score has been restored from the initial session masters and supervised by Shore himself. This Wednesday mondo will release it on vinyl with artwork by Rich Kelly, February 23, but io9 offers your exclusive first look. Image: Rich Kelly/MondoAnd here’s the within, providing you a glimpse of more of Kelly’s artowrk along with the vinyl itself.
Image: Rich Kelly/Mondo“As continued fans of the Cronenberg and Shore collaborations over time, our partnership with HOWE records has shown to be one of the most important in the annals of our record label,” Mondo creative director of music, Mo Shafeek told io9 via email. “But sometimes records have a long to create. Not just the manufacturing process – since our first collaboration with HOWE Records (Scanners / The Brood, in 2014) we’ve been working towards re-issuing Videodrome [for] 8 years!”“Even at our most optimistic we thought the very best we’re able to achieve was a primary re-issue of the initial 1983 Videodrome album. We never may have imagined that Howard Shore will be heading back to his master tapes to place the album together for the very first time ever,” he said.AdvertisementPressed on 180 gram color vinyl, and on 180 gram black vinyl also, Videodrome will undoubtedly be designed for $30 pre-order directly at (Along with vinyl, it’ll be accessible on CD through La-La Land Records also, and through Back Lot Music digitally.) Here’s the track list:Side A1. Cable 83 (0:19)2. Piercing (3:01)3. Civc TV (2:21)4. Got A Cigarette? (1:32)5. Nicki Inside (1:19)6. ARRIVED AT Me (3:12)7. Samurai Dreams, No. 13 (2:03)8. Whipping (2:31)9. DURING INTERCOURSE (1:20)10. THE BRAND NEW Flesh (2:04)Side B1. Spectacular Optical (0:12)2. Transformation (3:28)3. Gun In Gut (2:40)4. Cathode Ray Mission (0:48)5. Videodrome Is Death (3:30)6. Grenade (2:11)7. Condemned Vessel (5:10)Wondering where our Feed went? It is possible to select the new up one here.Advertisement

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