Sunday December 04, 2022

How to use Gmail on an Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon/Joe FedewaAmazon Fire tablet are notoriously not equipped with any Google services. You’re still able to use Gmail on the Fire tablet, however. You can use the Amazon Email App to do this. You can also use the Amazon email app. Next, enter your Gmail address into the text box and click “Next.” You’ll be taken directly to a Google sign in page. Follow the instructions to sign into your Gmail account and allow Amazon access to your account.
You can add an existing email account to the app by opening the sidebar menu, and clicking “Add Account.”Silk browserThis second method doesn’t require any apps to be downloaded, but it is a little less technical. Gmail has a website and your Fire tablet has a web browser. Gmail can be used in the browser. Google will try to convince you to use the Gmail App. However, you can click “Use The Web Version.” That’s it! Now you can use the Gmail website in the same way you would on a computer. You will need the Google Play Store to do this. Although it’s easy to install the Google Play Store on a Fire Tablet, you will need to be careful. For more information, read our detailed guide. Amazon Fire tablets come pre-installed with many useful features.
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