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How to post anonymously in a Facebook Group

Facebook’s anonymous posting feature allows you to post in a Facebook group without sharing your name. It’s simple to use, provided that the administrator of the group has enabled it. We’ll show how to use it. What you need to know about anonymous Facebook posts
Post anonymously in a Facebook Group

How to enable anonymous posting in a Facebook group

What you need to know about anonymous Facebook posts. To make anonymous posts in a Facebook group, the group must enable the feature. Be aware that anonymous posts can still be seen by moderators, admins, and members of the Facebook team. Anonymous posts won’t be visible immediately. You will need to wait for approval from an administrator or moderator before anonymous posts can be published in a Facebook Group. Anonymous posting is possible on any Facebook-supported device. To demonstrate the process, we will use Facebook’s Web version.

Start by opening a web browser on your computer. Next, go to the Facebook website and select “Groups”. Next, click on the “Anonymous Posts” option in the pane to the right. Facebook will open an “Anonymous Posts” window. Click the “Create Anonymous post” button at the bottom of this window. You’ll now see a window called “Create a Post”. Click the large text box and type your message as you would normally. When you’re done, at the bottom of the window, click “Submit.”Advertisement

Facebook will submit your post for approval to the moderators and admins of the group. Your post will be published only if it is approved by an admin or moderator. Advertisement

You have now enabled anonymous posts in your Facebook Group! To do this, open the “Anonymous Post” tab. Open the same “Anonymous post” window. Select “Off” from the section. Then, click “Save”. This is great for posts you don’t want your username published with for different reasons. RELATED: How do you report a whole Facebook group?READ NEXT

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