Tuesday January 31, 2023

How to play Wordle

At this point in the pandemic we all want something to distract us from the chaos. Wordle is a simple, fun, and easy-to-learn game. It’s a web-based puzzle where players must guess a new five letter word every day in six attempts or less. Everyone gets the same word. You may have seen people posting the gray, green and yellow square patterns on Twitter. This shows how they did on the Wordle that day without giving away the solution. He created the game as a gift to his partner Palak Shah who enjoys crossword puzzles and word games. Wardle wanted to create a new game Shah would enjoy, so they got involved in the NYT Spelling Bee and daily Crossword Games in 2020. The game’s perceived scarcity — only one puzzle per week — makes it difficult for players to want more. Where can I find Wordle Wordle is web-based so you don’t need an app. However, a few people have tried. You can play using a mobile or desktop browser; just go to www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/. You have until midnight to guess the new word. I often open a game and leave the browser tab open while I attempt to find the correct word. How do I play Wordle? Every person has their own approach to the first blank grid of squares. It is a good idea to choose a word with a lot vowels as your first guess. Once you have ruled out the vowels, it narrows down the word choices considerably (and no, I’m not telling you my secret starting name). Enter your word and hit the “Enter” key. The word will turn green if the letters are in the right spot. Letters in the wrong spot will turn yellow. Letters not in the word will become gray. You should note that a yellow or green letter can appear in a word multiple times. For example, if you get one “a”, you might have another “a” in another word. However, you won’t know until you play the next word. Fake words are not allowed. The game will throw you a message saying “Not in the word list” if you enter AEIOU. The screenshot below shows the keyboard showing letters you’ve incorrectly guessed (or words that are not in the word), in dark gray or black, and those you haven’t guessed yet, in light gray. When all letters turn green and a compliment such as “Impressive”, you will know that you have won. The R is in the right spot, but it looks like there aren’t any E’s in today’s Wordle. Screenshot: WordleWhat squares are people sharing on Twitter? Wardle originally didn’t design a sharing feature for the game. However, after seeing people sharing their results on Twitter using green, yellow and black square emojis he added a share option that allows you to copy your results once the game is over. This will not give away the day’s word to anyone else. As you can see, I got the wrong answer on the first attempt, but got the correct letters on the second. On the third attempt, I correctly guess the word. Wordle 215 3/6 ???? ?
?? ?

— Kim Lyons (@SocialKimLy), January 20, 2022 Any other information I should know? You can toggle between a “color blind” and high contrast versions by clicking the gear symbol in upper right corner near the word WORDLE. If you feel really lucky, you can toggle on “Hard Mode,” which will require you to include any hint in the next word. In hard mode, for example, the first screenshot shows that I would need to include the R and the T in my third guess (so RADIO wouldn’t have worked there). This display option can be difficult to use for people who use screen readers online, like those with low vision. Cariad Eccleston, the developer of antagonist.app, has created a way to make your results easily accessible (h/t Liam O’Dell). Copy the Wordle results and paste them into the translator at wa11y.co/. You’ll receive a text description of what you did. Here’s today’s description: alt:

Wordle 215 3/6 Line 1.

Line 2: 4th & 5th perfect.

Line 3: Won! Line 3: Won! Wardle stated to the BBC that he doesn’t plan on including ads in the game and isn’t collecting any data. Is that a nice thing about the internet? We deserve it.

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