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How to draw on Google Slides

It is not as simple as adding an image to your presentation. You might need to draw your own picture. There are two ways to draw in Google Slides. We’ll show both. Scribble is a Scribble tool that you can use to draw in Google Slides
Format your Scribble Drawing

Google Drawings and Google Slides: Draw on Google Slides

Option 1: Publish the Drawing and Link to it

Option 2: Download the drawing and upload it to Google Slides

Format the Inserted Draw

Scribble allows you to draw directly on Google Slides. Next, you can use the available tools for formatting your drawing. RELATED: How Google Slides Edits Images Move your cursor to Line and then click Insert in the menu. Finally, choose “Scribble” from the pop-out menu. You can also use the line and arrow tools. Your cursor will transform into a crosshair symbol. You can use that to draw on the slide. Format Your Scribble Drawing Select the drawing to see the object border. Then, choose an option in the toolbar.Advertisement

Select the image and click “Format options” in the toolbar. Expand the option you wish to change. You can also use Google Drawings to create a picture and then insert it onto your slide. This is a good option if you need to create a detailed drawing. Advertisement

You can create your picture by going directly to Google Drawings. You can also go directly to Google Drawings website to create your picture. The drawing can be published and made public to anyone who has the link. The benefit of publishing the drawing is that anyone with the link can access it. Click “Publish” and then click “OK.”

Click “Insert” to save the link. Click “Insert” to save your drawing. Select it and click “Format Options” in the toolbar.Advertisement

A picture is worth a thousand pictures. You know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
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