Sunday November 27, 2022

How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone

If you have an event on your calendar that’s not going to happen, you might want to remove it to keep the calendar decluttered. It’s easy to delete calendar events on an iPhone, and we’ll show you how.

In your iPhone’s Calendar app, you can delete both one-time as well as recurring events, as we’ll explain below.

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To delete an event from your calendar, first, open the Calendar app on your iPhone.

In the Calendar app, tap the date on which your event occurs.

In the events list, tap the event you’d like to remove.


On the “Event Details” page that opens, at the bottom, tap “Delete Event.”

A prompt will pop up from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen. To remove your event, tap “Delete Event” in this prompt.

Warning: Make sure you really want to remove your event before tapping the option.

If you’ve selected a recurring event to delete, you will see two options in the prompt. To delete the event only from the selected date, then choose “Delete This Event Only.” To remove all future occurrences of the selected recurring event, choose “Delete All Future Events” in the menu.

And that’s it. Your iPhone has now deleted the selected event from your calendar. You’re ready to add a fresh new event, or even create one from Mail on your iPhone. Enjoy!

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