Sunday December 04, 2022

How to Clear Google Chrome’s Cookies and Cache

Evan Lorne/Shutterstock.comIf you’re trying to fix loading or formatting issues to improve your browsing experience on Google Chrome, clearing your cache and cookies is an excellent place to start. You can sometimes save certain information when you visit a website. Cookies can save browsing data of a user (with their consent). Cache helps webpages load faster by remembering images, videos and other pages from previous visits. All of this information is deleted when you clear your cookies and cache. This means that any passwords entered on a website will need re-entered. Also, all information will be deleted when you clear your cache and cookies. We have separate guides for iPhone, iPad, and Android.Advertisement
To clear your browser’s cache and cookies, go to the Settings menu. You can access the browser’s Settings menu by clicking the three vertical dots icons in the top-right corner. Next, hover over “More Tools” and select “Clear Browsing Data.” To go straight to the page to clear your cache and cookies, simultaneously press down on the Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys.Alternatively, you can enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar.Regardless of which method of navigation you choose, you should now be at the “Clear Browsing Data” window.The first thing you’ll do here is select the time range for deleting the cookies and cache. To expand the menu, click the arrow next to “Time Range” and then choose the desired time period. This defaults to “All Time”.

After you have checked all boxes, click the “Clear Data” button. Your cache and cookies will be cleared within a few seconds.
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