Tuesday January 31, 2023

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Google Nest Owners Are Losing Their Sleep

GoogleAmbient sound is a feature of Google Assistant that can rock you to sleep with repetitive noises like a babbling stream, a fireplace or white noise. Google has replaced the white noise sound with a muffled audio file. Nearly 200 people complained about the new white noise sound on their Nest smart speaker. Users claim that their toddlers cannot fall asleep to the new white sound clip. The new sound is louder and more muffled than the old sound, and pauses and loops every 10 mins.

Talking about feeling insane. I thought my ears were clogged. Before we discovered it was an upgrade from Google, I tried a few other devices in my house. My toddler noticed the change in sound and now wakes up during the night. Please go back to the original sound. It was so much better.

Google may have changed the white noise file in an effort to reduce data usage for Nest Hub and Nest Speaker. Reddit user noted that “the Nest Mini” in my daughter’s bedroom uses approximately 4GB of data per night to play ambient sounds. This is a lot if your ISP has a monthly data cap, or if ambient sounds are played through your phone.
Nest Hub users can also set a timer to play ambient sounds. Google could also save data to users without annoying them. It could cache ambient sounds to smart speakers, smart screens, and phones. These sounds could even be downloaded for offline use!
Reddit user posted the original white noise ambient sound to Google Drive. If you feel comfortable downloading files from someone you don’t know, you can simply cast the audio files to your Google Assistant-enabled speakers to get your white noise back. Google Drive scans small files for viruses.
Source: 9to5Google

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