Tuesday October 04, 2022

Google’s new Nest cameras are now compatible with Amazon Alexa

Good news for smart home divisions: the latest Google Nest cameras can stream to your Amazon Alexa smart devices, including Echo Show devices and Fire TVs. Google Nest has updated its languishing Alexa skill with the latest cameras following Amazon’s announcement that third-party cameras will be able to take advantage of its new package and person announcement features on Echo smart speakers. The Google Nest Alexa skill allows you to view a live feed from your Echo speakers and receive motion announcements. It can also be used to view the Google Nest Cam (outdoor/indoor battery), Google Nest Cam(wired, indoor) and Nest Cam with floodlight. It also adds doorbell press notifications, two-way talk to Google support for the Nest Doorbell (battery), and allows for doorbell press notifications.
This is in addition to the existing support for live viewing from older Nest Cams, Nest CamIQs (indoor/outdoor) and the Nest Doorbell wired (wired), formerly known as Nest Hello. Amazon says that Alexa’s new person detection announcement feature, as well as Nest Cam IQs (indoor/outdoor), will be available to the new cameras in the near future. However, package detection announcements are not planned to be supported at this time.
The Google Nest Floodlight Cam now works in conjunction with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Photo by Jennifer Tuohy/The Verge

This means that you can stream all your Nest cameras directly to an Echo Show, and view a live feed from the latest models on a Fire TV/Fire tablet. Echo Shows can also send motion announcements to your smart displays and Echo speakers. You can also see and talk with visitors at the Nest Doorbell (battery), through an Echo Show.
You can get doorbell press notifications and two-way talk from the Nest Doorbell. This allows you to use an Echo Show as an intercom for your doorbell. This is possible if you own a Google Nest smart device. If your doorbell is pressed, both of these setups can pull up the feed from your smart display. This doesn’t seem to be true for cross-platform integration.
The Echo Show 10 can stream a live view from your Google Nest Doorbell (battery) and announce when someone presses it. Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy/The Verge

The new skill can be activated by Alexa voice commands, including “Alexa show the [cameraname] feed” or “Alexa answer the front door”. The skill also includes the skills from Google Nest, which allow Nest Thermostat users control their thermostats (all models) as well as older Nest cameras. If you have an older Nest device, the skill won’t work unless you have migrated your Nest account from a Google Account.
This harmony in the smart house is a good thing. It is likely to be a precursor for the forthcoming smart home standard Matter. This will unify all devices so that we can control any app or voice assistant from anywhere. Although cameras are not part of the Matter spec’s initial iteration, it is nice to see that everyone is still getting along.
When can we expect to see a live view from the Ring camera on a Google Smart Display?

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