Tuesday October 04, 2022

Google TV’s new ambient mode screen-saver with podcast links and scores is now available

Google announced last fall a major improvement to its Google TV front-end with personalized access. This allowed each user in a home to have their own profiles with their own recommendations. That feature was delayed to “the coming months” in December. It is still not available. However, 9to5Googlereports glanceable Cards for Google TV’s Ambient Mode screen saver were also announced in October. They show a version with large personalized cards scrolling across a middle portion of the screen. They could display information such as weather and sports scores, or provide shortcuts to other content, including podcast episodes and music.
The new Google TV screen-saverImage: 9to5Google

9to5Google notes that the device where it is showing up so far has a slightly different look. There are smaller information chips lined up along the bottom of the screen with things like YouTube video shortcuts or a podcast in Google Podcasts. They mention that if it’s enabled on your device there should be a prompt in the menu telling you “proactive personal outcomes are now on” so you can go to Assistant settings and turn them off if they’re not on your TV screen.
The exact timing of the rollout is unknown as with most things Google. However, Google I/O will kick off tomorrow so we might get more information about its smart TV features.

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