Thursday September 29, 2022

Google is changing its performance reviews to reduce time wasted

Google wants to make performance reviews less burdensome for employees by making them only once a calendar year and requiring less paperwork. They also want to change the way employees are rated. According to The Information, 47% of Google employees don’t believe that the performance reviews are a burden to them. They will be held once a year, instead of twice a year, and require less paperwork. However, these projects were eventually completed by actual humans. It’s possible that Google products could get more support if employees are able to focus on their jobs and not worry about whether they deserve a raise.
(Plus, it’s nice to know that workers don’t have a bad time when their labor benefits you.)
According to a public website, Google is switching to its new system in this month. It is called GRAD, which stands to Googler Reviews and Development. The page explains that employees can still check in with their managers throughout a year to get feedback and plan for career development, but that they will only receive performance ratings once per year. Google claims that the new scale will reflect the fact that most Googlers make significant impact every day.
According to The Information, the entire system is based upon the impact employees make. There are a variety of rankings that range from “not enough impact” up to “outstanding” and “transformative”. The middle is where you will find significant impact.
This is not the way that many other ranking systems work. Microsoft used to use a “stacked ranking system” where managers had to identify certain numbers of employees as underperforming or overperforming. Former employees claimed that this made their work feel like a contest. Instead of focusing on the best product, they had to concentrate on what would make them look better than their co-workers. Microsoft changed its performance review system in 2013. It eliminated ratings to focus on growth and impact.
There are also more severe systems. Amazon plans to eliminate approximately 6 percent of its employees annually by 2021. This is according to an opaque system that implements performance improvement plans. Employees claimed that they were not told that they would need to make improvements if the company wanted them to stay.
Google claims that it is reducing the number of performance reviews but will still offer promotions twice a calendar year. Some employees have been sceptical about pay in recent years. In an all-hands meeting last year, Google’s Vice President of Compensation stated that the company would not do any across-the-board increases to keep up with inflation. Since then, rising costs have only gotten worse.

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