Chess has been a favourite when it comes to family games, traditions of families and a fun pastime when it comes to friends. It is also known for being an intellectually challenging came and holds a strong professional position. It is known for being enjoyable, intriguing and a great tool for introduction and amelioration of skills essential for not just the game but also life. Recent developments now allow one to play online on the internet, with players located across the world. One of the most useful creations that help people play online and work towards improving their game is chess bot which is a chess calculator.

 The way to download the chess bot

The way to download the chess bot to make use of its in-built chess calculator that can either continue to play the game for you or suggest the best possible moves to you, is easy and simple. One can download the free trial version to see if they like it or not, and then go on the buy the full permanent version.

The only thing that you need to download it, is internet and chrome as it can be used as a chrome extension. You simply need to download the program and launch it as an administrator. Once you have launched it, simply choose the website where you are going to play the game of chess from the dropdown list. Then, go onto the website and ensure that the chess board is completely visible. Start the game and choose the service you would like the chess bot to provide and enjoy the game.

It is easy to download and use, and is not complex in any sense. Make sure to make complete use of the program so as to improve your abilities and get better at the game. However, ensure that it doesn’t take away from the fun of the game for you or your opponent.