Thursday September 29, 2022

GA release of Microsoft’s standalone Defender for Business

Microsoft has made a standalone Microsoft Defender for Business version available to customers who don’t want to subscribe to one of its subscriptions. Vasu Jakkal (CVP security, compliance, & identity, Microsoft) stated that Microsoft believes in security for everyone.

The company would rather bundle Defender with all tiers than charge $3 per user per year for peace of mind. This is especially true for those who don’t have a solution or rely on outdated antivirus software. As long as the user is using Windows, it’s easy to set up a wizard to allow them to get onboard a Windows device. Android, macOS and iOS simplification are all on the roadmap. “Cloud is a three-player market, dominated by AWS and Google, Microsoft
Microsoft Edge’s “Secure Network” sounds a lot like an integrated VPN.
Microsoft fixes cross-account vulnerabilities in Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Microsoft makes account switching easy in its web and desktop apps
According to Microsoft, SMBs receive “enterprise grade” endpoint security once they are up and running. This includes threat identification and vulnerability management, as well as options to reduce attack surface area and response and remediation options.

Microsoft said that automated investigation and remediation allows us to do the same type of work as a dedicated Security Operations team (SecOps). We continuously detect and automatically remediate most threats. Microsoft wants customers to sign-up for what it calls “affordable” access, rather than adding the service to its existing offerings. When you consider the annual cost of an organization, $3 per user per month seems a small price. It does not include servers, but Microsoft stated that an add-on solution will be available later in the year. Microsoft Defender for Business is not the only option when it comes to protecting SMBs. It is possible to purchase a standalone version for customers who are unable or unwilling to sign up for Microsoft 365 Business Premium. However, it is worth looking around. (R)Get our Tech Resources

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