Wednesday October 05, 2022

Exclusive: Sonos’ next soundbar is the Sonos Ray

According to internal documents and people familiar about the company’s plans, the Sonos Ray budget soundbar will be called. The Ray will cost $249 and go on sale within weeks. It will be the cheapest Sonos soundbar yet, and it will also serve as an entry-level option below the more expensive Beam and flagship Arc. The Verge revealed previously the details and design of the new device model S36, internally known as Fury. These images are 3D reconstructions of photos that The Verge has seen.
Sonos has removed features such as Dolby Atmos and HDMI connectivity from the Ray in order to reduce its price. The Ray also has fewer speakers that the company’s soundbars. Owners of the more expensive Sonos Arc and Beam will still be able to use two Rays for rear surround speakers. For this purpose, the soundbar should be mounted vertically. The vertical orientation will allow its slanted side drivers to route Atmos audio towards the ceiling more effectively.
3D rendering of Sonos’ new soundbar by Grayson Blackmon / Verge

The Ray can be used by itself to support Dolby Digital audio. It can also be paired with other Sonos speakers to create a 5.1 system. It can be connected to TVs using an optical cable. Although the soundbar does not have integrated microphones for voice control, owners can bring their own voice assistant as Sonos’ platform is compatible to Amazon Echo and Google Nest speakers.
Patrick Spence, Sonos CEO, has stated that the company plans to release at least two new products per calendar year. Other devices that could be released in 2022 include a smaller and more affordable subwoofer as well as the long-rumored wireless headphones from Sonos.
The Verge reached out to Sonos for comment. The Sonos Ray has not been officially announced by the company.

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