Friday September 30, 2022

Ev Williams, Medium’s CEO and founder, is stepping down

Medium’s CEO is Evan Williams, the Twitter co-founder. Williams made the announcement on Tuesday. Medium (where else?) was Williams’ announcement. He wrote on Medium (where else?). He said that he was handing over the company to Tony Stubblebine. Although Stubblebine is not a household name but they have a long history together. Before Williams created Twitter with Jack Dorsey, a few others and a few others in the future, he and Stubblebine worked together at Odeo, a podcasting startup Williams started with Noah Glass in 2005. Williams described his replacement as a builder and writer, open-minded thinker, and a businessperson. “I am confident Medium will greatly benefit from his vision and integrity, energy, as well as his pragmatic leadership.” Williams will continue to advise Medium in his role of chairman of the company’s board of directors. He said, “To be clear: Medium’s story has not ended.” “The team today at Medium is probably the most competent I’ve ever seen. I’m eager to see what they do. In a 2014 interview with The New York Times he stated that his startup would revolutionize the internet. According to him, “Right now the internet rewards speed and volume, and we wanted a place where quality counts.” Medium felt like it had created a space where thoughtful people could share their smart writing. Medium is no longer as important as it was once due to a series strategic mistakes in the company’s business model, and the emergence competitors like Substack. It is now up to Stubblebine, who will chart a course for the company. All products recommended by Engadget have been selected by our editorial staff, which is independent from our parent company. Some stories contain affiliate links. We may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something through one these links.

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