Tuesday January 31, 2023

ConsorcioTec To Host First Face-To-Face Integrator Meeting In Miami

Benefiting from the populous town of Miami since a main hub for company within the Caribbean and Latin America, IntegraWEEK will reinforce supplier relationships along with permit the chance for ConsorcioTec™ members to meet up one-on-a single with PSA Safety and USAV integrators.“We wish our affiliates to meet up US based PSA & USAV integrators, explore opportunities for international collaboration and take part in networking and training meetings, amongst others activities.” mentioned Milena Castaño, Financial Director of ConsorcioTec™. “We have been pleased that is usually our first face-to-face event to talk about with all our affiliates and international allies.”IntegraWEEK 2022 will host two important congresses: the ALAS Security Summit, considered the congress par excellence for the management of security companies in Latin America; and, simultaneously, IntegraHOME, a two-day congress that’s targeted at residential integrators mixed up in design and installing technological solutions for the house. The various ConsorcioTec™ activities to occur within IntegraWEEK 2022 are the following:September 6Guided Site Tours: A chance to go to local manufacturers, project and distributors installations in the Miami area, highlighting building automation, security and A/V system integration applications, with concentrate on the export market.September 7Continuation of Guided Site Tours.ConsorcioTec Talks & Tequila: a special chance of members of PSA Security, and USAV to meet up with ConsorcioTec integrators, to be able to explore development opportunities for new international projects in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and SOUTH USA. joint way. And yes, you will have tequila!Happy Hour: an area to share a nice moment with other industry participants, with music, drinks and food, which is the prelude to both main events: the ALAS Summit and the IntegraHome Conference, on September 8 and 9 that will take place. September 8 – 9The almost all the activities will be the realization of the next two congresses, per week each one of these using its integral activities.ALAS Security Summit – leading congress for Latin American security operations managers. The ALAS Summit has been for a decade the area for networking, updating and professionalization of the security sector. Two days of congress to create the best security professionals and brands in the Americas together. IntegraHOME may be the congress for integrators of residential techniques inside the Latin and Caribbean America. Sponsored by KNX, IntegraHOME offers regional integrators, manufacturers and distributors the chance to network, learn and socialize while working in residential systems. About ConsorcioTec™
ConsorcioTec is just a Loyalty & Referral platform for system integrators in Latin America counting over 70 integrator &amp on; dealer members accountable for US $75 million in multimedia / networking / security product purchases annually. Additionally, ConsorcioTec seeks to generate value among integrators by and can be considered a place where companies can generate improved communications with preferred vendors, get the chance to gain access to business and education guidance, and generate home based business opportunities through the network.Please visit consorciotec.com to learn more.See also: ConsorcioTec Online Event Brings Training To Its Affiliate DealersSubscribeFor more stories such as this, and to continue up to now with all our market leading news, analysis and features, sign to your newsletter right here up.

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