Sunday December 04, 2022

Cloud Gaming Will Not Replace Handheld Gaming or Mobile Gaming anytime soon

Andrey Aboltin/Shutterstock.comThe idea of playing the latest AAA video games streamed to your smartphone is an appealing one. You don’t need to use mobile apps or the Nintendo Switch, you can now tap into the most advanced hardware available! Cloud Gaming is Great (Under Perfect Condition) Cloud gaming has advanced a lot. Cloud gaming infrastructure has been built by companies like Google, Microsoft and NVIDIA. Cloud gaming services are becoming an attractive alternative to expensive gaming consoles or expensive gaming PCs for those who live in these areas. You can enjoy the same visuals and responsiveness as playing on a local computer by connecting to a wired Ethernet network. Cloud gaming works as long as it is not compared with a local gaming system. Distances from your controller input to your screen output can be hundreds of miles. There are many points of failure along this path. Cloud gaming is a complex technical challenge. You don’t want more variables than necessary. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you’re doing when switching to wireless data transmission.Wireless Networks Are Inherently UnstableSending information using electromagnetic waves propagated through the air is a much more chaotic process than sending electrical impulses in an orderly fashion down a copper wire–or as pulses of light captured in a fiber optic strand.Advertisement
Wireless transmissions can be affected by interference from the ground, space, and metal objects, such as cars, or radio-blocking materials in your house. They will resend lost packets until they are all received. This can sometimes mean losing speed, but it is not a major issue for streaming video, web browsing, or real-time applications like VOIP and video calls. These applications will work fine if there is a little latency. Video games are a different matter. Video games are not compatible with wireless technology’s transient and sudden dropouts. Although a one-second freeze can be very annoying while you’re watching a video or making video calls, it can ruin your gaming experience. Even in dense urban areas, there are always cellular dead zones. So you’re not guaranteed access even if you’re close to network infrastructure.Advertisement

You won’t get enough signal on a subway, airplane, or other public transport. Even though these modes of transport offer Wi-Fi, they are not likely to be fast enough to handle cloud gaming. Fixed wired broadband is generally more expensive than mobile bandwidth. Mobile bandwidth is more expensive than fixed wired broadband. Cloud Gaming is a finite shared resource. This brings up another problem. Cloud gaming is a shared resource that can only be accessed by a certain number of users at a time. Cloud gaming is a shared resource that only a limited number of users can access at any given time. It’s not ideal to spend 15 minutes gaming if you have to wait for a slot on the cloud server. The Future of Wireless Cloud GamingWill cloud gaming ever replace local mobile hardware that you don’t need to share with others? We don’t think it will be soon, but there is a future where enough of the globe is covered in high-speed 5G (or later) mesh networks or low Earth orbit internet satellites to make it feasible.Advertisement

It is impossible to predict when or if that day will arrive. For now, however, you might still want to pack your Nintendo Switch before you head out on your day.

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