Sunday December 04, 2022

‘Chrono Cross’ Remaster Comes With One of the Rarest Games of All Time

Square EnixOf all of the announcements made during Nintendo’s Direct event, a Chrono Cross remaster was minimal expected. But here we are-Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition is arriving at all modern consoles, with updated graphics, a sophisticated soundtrack, and an additional benefit game that launched on Nintendo’s Satellaview platform originally.The Satellaview was a satellite modem only designed for the Super Famicom in Japan. It had been a weird peripheral which could exclusive games on the air download, including a “live” Zelda game that’s now considered lost media.
One of these brilliant Satellaview games, called Radical Dreamers, was a side story to the initial Chrono Trigger. In addition, it served because the inspiration for Chrono Cross, though lots of people both and beyond Japan haven’t played the elusive title inside.
Unlike other titles in the Chrono Trigger series, Radical Dreamers is really a text-based RPG fully. But those people who have played it be described because of it being an immersive experience, citing the writing, music, and world-building.
Square Enix tried to slide Radical Dreamers in a number of Chrono Trigger releases, like the PlayStation port. But writer and director Masato Kato repeatedly shot down the theory, as he wasn’t fully content with the game. Until recently, emulation provided the only path to play Radical Dreamers, because the satellite-based game launched on a cartridge or disk never. (And when you don’t speak Japanese, you must play a fan translation.)
It is possible to read more about Radical Dreamers at the Chronopedia. Even though Square Enix hasn’t set a romantic date because of its Chrono Cross remaster release, it is possible to pre-order the title for Switch, PC, or Xbox at the company’s website. (A PS4 pre-order will open soon, in accordance with Square Enix.)

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