Thursday February 09, 2023

Check Out Tesla’s Latest Cybertruck Prototype in This Drone Footage

YouTubeRecent drone footage on YouTube exhibits a Cybertruck prototype at the Freemont factory with several changes from earlier models, all while employees focus on the vehicle. January in, Tesla verified the Cybertruck will be delayed until at the very least 2023, nonetheless it looks like the business is hard at the job on the electric truck still.This isn’t the initial drone footage we’ve seen from the Tesla factory, also it won’t function as last certainly, but it’s worth mentioning how dangerously close the pilot reaches the truck. So the employees go wrong and start to obtain concerned close, considering the drone directly.
We’re assuming these kinds of actions will probably cause Tesla to get measures later on that stops such footage. Even though we do not condone the behavior, it really is interesting to discover different angles of the truck, its size, and potential changes.
Tesla is apparently making changes or installing new equipment on the prototype vehicle. Decreasing part may be the black pads covering specific areas of the bed along with other truck elements. This season we’re also no more seeing the giant single windshield wiper blade that leaked earlier.
Judging simply by all of the tape on the floor, the crew could possibly be installing sensors, testing software, or producing other tweaks to the prototype. All of the boxes claim that physical parts or new hardware has been set up, but obviously, it’s impossible to learn what’s happening.
That said, in December back, Elon Musk confirmed the Cybertruck will be getting several upgrades to raised undertake competition from Ford, Chevy, and Rivian. Some of these include crab stroll mode, 4-wheel steering, along with other refinements. Tesla has already been busy upgrading the automobile maybe, but we can’t be certain.
A year from production taking into consideration the Cybertruck continues to be at least, if not lengthier, we’re assuming you will have plenty of shifts before it’s inevitably launched.
Possibly the most exciting facet of this footage is that it shows the sheer size of Tesla’s cyberpunk truck. Or, the known proven fact that the stainless design shimmers in the sunlight and looks rather tantalizing. Of course, we’re hopeful that production begins in 2023 still, 12 months and it’ll become released exactly the same, but we’ll need to wait and find.
via Electrek

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