Wednesday November 30, 2022

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with 20 Years of Google Doodles

Every day googlenearly, Google changes its logo to celebrate any occasion, birthday, tradition, or event. These “Google Doodles” often double as interactive games, and Google didn’t slack for Valentine’s Day. Its latest Doodle minigame enables you to reunite two lovelorn hamsters across a narrow maze.Day Doodle by clicking the logo near the top of Google Search it is possible to play the Valentine’s. Or, day if you’re scanning this after Valentine’s, you can travel to the Doodle’s permanent page at the Google Doodle archive simply.
Talking about the Doodle archive, day Doodles of years past did you know you can view all of the Valentine’s? Just go to the Doodle archive and seek out “Valentine’s Day” to visit a 20-year history of Google’s most loving Doodles.
Desire to see more Google Doodles? Go to the Doodle archive and appearance through every Google logo produced ever. You can also play the classic Pac-Man Doodle-you know, one that everyone got dependent on in 2010.


Day Google Doodles at the state Doodle archive see twenty years of Valentine’s!

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