One of the main questions of all businessmen is how to eliminate a competitor. Getting a competitor to leave the market is every businessman’s dream. Eliminating a competitor once and for all is the most cherished dream of any businessman. This can be done, and quite easily. It doesn’t matter whether the competitor is strong or weak, big or small.

You can make it so that left any competitor from any market. The competitor will leave without a fight, in other words, you will not even have to fight with them and spend money on it. Under certain conditions, he will leave on his own, just create these conditions for him. As a rule, the competitor will leave quickly enough and still offer the winner their assets as a reward.

How to eliminate a competitor known only to the initiated who are familiar with eMarketing or similar technologies. Classic marketing is not enough to organize a situation in which the competitor simply will not have any other choice. Classic marketing – it is to meet the needs and requirements, not to fight with competitors.

How to eliminate a competitor forever

The companies that own eMarketing or similar technologies exist. For example, a couple of years ago, there was a shameful flight from the market of more than 30 billion us dollars of a very serious player. The player is really very serious, because the total volume of its sales exceeds 220 billion us dollars.

We are talking, as many guessed, about Samsung, which announced that it is leaving the hard disk market and selling its business to the market leader – the company Seagate. To implement such a shameful escape of one of the leaders from such a “delicious” market could only be a company that owns not only classic marketing.

How to get rid of competitors

Seagate clearly owns marketing that has techniques that answer the question of how to eliminate a competitor, a very strong competitor. According to official data, Samsung has left this market because it has become unprofitable for it, as well as because the production of hard drives is not a strategic area.

Accordingly, no matter how you look at it, this is still a strategic area. However, now, after the sale of this division, Samsung will most likely not be able to get and implement this advantage. Accordingly, there must be another reason, more significant. It is and reveal it only through eMarketing or other such concepts.

How to eliminate a competitor without firing a single shot

From eMarketing known that market-based is the idea. Any market is, first of all, an idea. It is embedded in people and turns them into consumers. The aggregate of carriers of a specific idea is the market. In our case, this is the idea of “accumulating information on a computer”, but this is a basic idea that arose at the dawn of this market.

Now it has changed and developed. Several new ideas were formed. In particular, the most significant was the idea that sounds like ” reliable, durable, inexpensive and silent accumulation of information on the computer.” It is Seagate that makes the hard drives that best fit this idea.

This means that Seagate is well-known for its effective market expansion strategy and is using it. The point is that the market based on this idea is growing, but the market based on the initial idea of “accumulation of information on the computer” on the contrary is narrowing. It was in this market that Samsung was introduced, which began to experience problems.

How to become a monopolist in the market

It is unlikely that Seagate will make a fatal mistake in the next 10 years. It will not allow it, at least because the idea that this company develops and serves will dominate for at least another 10 years. You can expect an error only after new ideas appear and Seagate doesn’t calculate them and can’t adapt to them.

Seagate knew how to eliminate a competitor and did it. To correct this situation, Samsung is unlikely to succeed also because with the currently dominant ideas, the ideas of “reliable, durable, inexpensive and silent accumulation of information on the computer”, it is the Seagate Barracuda brand that has the strongest associations.

This means that if Samsung had attempted to enter the market around this idea, it would have failed. This state of Affairs is connected with the primacy, because the one who first came out and secured the reputation of a leader, will be considered the market leader as long as this market exists.