Tuesday October 04, 2022

Bark Shares A few of the Keys to its SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Success inside New ‘Social Abilities’ Series

This could offer you some helpful inspiration and notes for the social media marketing strategy. Year last, Facebook launched a fresh brand tips series called ‘Social Skills’ where it interviewed social media marketing leads from several big brands to obtain their key suggestions about generating engagement.Social Skills is back for season 2 now, with the initial two episodes available online now. The next episode in the brand new season talks about Bark – the makers of ‘BarkBox’ – and how it’s driven huge numbers using its social posts.There are a few great tips – are three of the main element notes from Bark’s Alexis Nelson here. Tailor content for every platformThis is going without saying right now really, but every social platform differs, and the audience on each will open that specific app with another intent. Generally, people may be seeking to be entertained or informed, however the actual delivery, via content style, approach and trends differs. People don’t arrived at TikTok with exactly the same mindset as Facebook.For example, Facebook says that the Bark team use Facebook to dive deeper into topics through blog-style posts, while on Instagram, they focus more on “sharing visuals that inspire and excite with short, but sweet, post captions”.Leverage user-generated contentUGC could be a key tool in building community, generating engagement, and activating your social media marketing presence in a variety of ways. Used well, UGC lets you acknowledge your most dedicated and passionate fans, which can help strengthen their link with your products and brand, and see them advocate in your stead with their own network. That may have a compounding effect, and it’s worth taking into consideration ways to acknowledge your most enthusiastic supporters to create on your own efforts. Facebook notes that Bark has generated a system to greatly help them easily identify and share their customers’ most engaging posts.“Behind this technique is really a hashtag strategy that encourages customers to add the #barkbox hashtag when posting content. Since starting the hashtag, it’s been mentioned over 4 million times on Instagram alone.”That delivers a continuing flow of new, brand-aligned content and posts, which Bark can re-purpose as needed, fulfilling both community-building and content purpose.Of course, Bark here’s at an edge, given its popularity and subject material (Nelson notes that the #BarkBox hashtag sees a large number of posts every month). But nonetheless, it’s worth taking into consideration ways to take full advantage of UGC to improve your presence.Create memorable momentsThis is among the areas that Bark has truly excelled in – and its own idea isn’t some big-budget, high-concept strategy that may only be executed by big brands.As explained by Facebook:“Each year, the business launches a social campaign to create it seem as though their Facebook and Instagram accounts have already been hacked by every dog’s biggest enemy: a nearby squirrel. Between your engaging playful and content messaging, this year’s campaign helped generate over 6 million impressions on Instagram and a bump in subscriptions.”As it is possible to here see, year for a collection time frame each, Bark posts some updates from aggressive squirrels seemingly, who demand food via the Bark social accounts. It’s simple, funny – and importantly, it’s repeatable, giving Bark ongoing content, year year after, iterating on the theme.Needless to say, Bark, again, advantages from being truly a brand that’s already aligned with a thing that brings joy – this process wouldn’t work with, say, a bank. However the idea is that by way of a simple even, playful thematic shift, you will generate buzz about your brand, and inspire sharing and engagement. It’s challenging to create something so shareable necessarily, but maybe, by thinking through common elements, you can think of a similar campaign approach for the business. They are the right notes, even though they won’t all ongoing work with every business immediately, some food is supplied by them for thought for the strategic thinking.

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