In recent days several people started to work at home due to the reason of pandemic situation. Due to these circumstances, people struggle to fix video conferencing meetings.

To avoid all these difficulties people started to use the Zoom app, this application uses cloud technology for privacy and security data purposes. So business peoples blindly trust these apps to use. Most of the professionals of schools are also conducting their classes through the Zoom application. It helps both the teachers and students to see their faces while teaching.

How is it providing advantages?

It is providing an accurate picture quality to the users and most importantly it is acting very user-friendly to the users. You can fix all your meetings through the Zoom application, the only thing you have to do to use this application is installed it on your mobile devices or either on laptops, computers. Another essential thing to utilizing this application is you should need the camera and internet connection on your portable devices. Lots of people are now getting more advantages on their business works plus teaching and learning work.

In some of the video conferencing meetings, the session may go too long, for those situations some people want to record their sessions, if you don’t know how to record zoom meeting, read the upcoming article to know briefly about it.


How to record your video conference meetings at your device files?

Most of us doubt that how to record zoom meeting at their device file locations. The answer to this question is very simple and easy, to record properly on your device you have to follow the given below steps


  • Before start recording, you should create a file on your device to save your recordings. Once you attend the meeting, it will show you a record option, click that record option, it will automatically redirect to your file galleries, you can choose your preferred location on that and then click the ok button to record.
  • When the meeting is completed, you can view all your recording at that location and also it saves at your zoom application. Whenever you need to view it, you can see the video meeting.
  • Due to this sort of option, more people prefer to use this.