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AT&T’s new 5-gig or 2-gig fiber internet service is now available, starting at $110 per month

AT&T will soon offer speeds of 2Gbps and 5Gbps for its fiber-optic internet service. The announcement was made by AT&T to kick off its Life Gigified initiative, where it stated that existing and new AT&T Fiber customers would soon be able access multi-gig connections. This refers to a single connection that can offer speeds greater than 1Gbps. This speed is available both ways because it’s a fiber optic connection. It’s symmetrical, your upload and download speeds will be the same. Chris Sambar, AT&T’s executive Vice President of Technology Operations, stated in an interview with The Verge.
AT&T’s multi-gig speeds require Wi-Fi 6 technology to achieve “optimal” performance. This means that you will need to upgrade your router. Sambar said that customers will be provided with the multi-gig Wi-Fi 6 capable gateway BGW320 when they sign up for their fiber-optic service. This means you don’t need to purchase any new equipment. AT&T claims it can offer faster speeds in the future; the company claims it reached speeds of 10Gbps while operating in a laboratory environment.
The 2Gbps plan costs $110 per month, while the 5Gbps plan costs $180 per month. Business plans will be slightly more expensive at $225 per month for 2Gbps, and $395 per month for 5Gbps. AT&T will also introduce “straightforward pricing” to all Fiber plans. This will eliminate equipment fees and data caps as well as annual contracts and price increases for new customers. The new plans include a free HBO Max subscription and ActiveArmor, AT&T’s cybersecurity service.
These new speed tiers are available in more than 70 metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles and San Francisco. AT&T offers its fiber-optic network in areas that are located in the Southern, Midwestern and Western US. However, it plans to increase its service network to 30,000,000 customers by 2025. Sambar states that locations that can support multi-gig speeds will be able to access both 2Gbps or 5Gbps plans.
AT&T’s fiber optic speeds ranged between 300Mbps and 1Gbps previously. Its move into multigig territory follows Google Fiber’s 2Gbps rollout for 2020 and Comcast’s 3Gbps offering at $299 per month. AT&T provides more information on the new speeds at its website.
Update January 24, 2017 at 1:20 PM ET: This update was made by Chris Sambar, executive vice-president of AT&T’s technology operations.

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