Sunday December 04, 2022

Are you seeing pop-up ads on Roku TV Here’s how to disable them

RokuEarly reported last year that Roku smart TV owners were seeing banner ads and pop ups over live TV content. Now, we’re seeing it all again in 2022. Reddit comments have indicated that users are seeing interactive and banner ads on their Roku TVs. This appears to be most common when they watch local channels or cable TV. This is because Roku TVs have an option that allows companies to use content from an an antenna or connected devices (over HDMI). The company can then listen to the content and suggest additional streaming content to the user.
We’ve seen Geico’s movie suggestions in commercials, as well as the Sleep Number bed ads. CordCutterNews has more.
RedditAs the image above shows, this interactive clickable ad allows users to click “OK” and receive the offer. All this while you watch an NFL wildcard playoff match. This is not a new phenomenon and is how Roku makes a lot off its revenue. However, when we reached out Roku for comment, all they could say was “We are aware and it’s been resolved.”
Roku ads are usually displayed while viewing content through Roku apps or while watching live TV over an Antenna. They also appear on menus. However, it seems like the company is trying out some more options as they move forward.
You may be seeing pop-up ads on Roku. Here’s how you can disable them.
Cory Gunther To remove them, turn on your Roku TV and navigate to the Settings menu. Then, select Privacy. Click Smart TV Experience and uncheck the box to Use information from TV inputs. You can also disable the advertisement option in the privacy menu. This may limit the ads.
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