Sunday November 27, 2022

Apple Safari Is Leaking your Browsing Data

FellowNeko/Shutterstock.comA new Safari bug has been discovered in iOS, iPadOS, and Mac by FingerprintJS (Via 9To5Mac). The bug can reveal information about browsing history and your logged-in Google account. A website can view the names of any domain’s databases. Websites should not be able to see the names of databases for other domains. This is a security risk. Your browsing history and the names of the databases could be used to retrieve information from a lookup list. Your browsing history could be exposed because Google services stores an IndexedDB instance of each of your logged in accounts. You’ll get a message saying that your browser is not affected if you try it from another browser on Mac. You can open this demo in Safari 15 or any other browser on iOS or iPadOS 15.
FingerprintJS reported the bug to Apple in November 2021. However, the issue has not been resolved. Hopefully, Apple will be forced to fix the problem by the public pressure.READ NEXTDave Lee
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