Sunday December 04, 2022

Apple Music Now Lets You Track Your Most-Played Songs of 2022

Apple MusicApple Songs subscribers is now able to monitor their most-listened music throughout 2022 with the brand new “Replay 2022” playlist. This function is really a complete lot not the same as Spotify Wrapped, as it offers weekly updates on your own listening habits rather than reporting your stats by the end of the entire year.The Replay 2022 playlist contains around 100 of one’s most-listened songs, and also a set of your most-streamed artists and top 10 albums. Weekly these stats immediately update, so they’re outdated never. In the Apple Songs app, you need to find Replay 2022 under your “Pay attention Now” tab.
Notably, the Apple Music web participant enables you to see extra information that the app lacks. This info include have fun with counts for each song, have fun with counts for the most-streamed albums and artists, and the full total number of hrs you’ve invested streaming Apple Music.
I’m the Spotify user generally, thus I’m envious of Apple Music’s annual Replay playlists. Having said that, Apple Music requirements an end-of-yr recap such as Spotify Wrapped even now. The function is overdue longer, and it’s one of the primary function requests from Apple Songs customers.
Browse the “Listen Today” tab inside the Apple Songs app or check out fun with to include Replay 2022 to your library. (Some users record that Replay 2022 isn’t populating making use of their most-listened tunes yet. It might take some right period for Apple to solve this issue.)
Supply: Apple via MacRumors

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