Sunday December 04, 2022

Another TV show features a character who has a heart attack while riding a Peloton.

Spoilers ahead for AndJust Like That…and Billions. Peloton isn’t getting a break. Peloton stock plummeted on Thursday after rumors that it would temporarily suspend production of its treadmills and connected bikes sent the stock plummeting. A second TV show character was also shown suffering a heart attack while riding a Peloton. This is just a month after Sex and the City’s beloved character was killed after he tried out one of the company bikes.
The season six premiere of Billions is available in an early release via streaming and for free on YouTube. Wags’ Peloton ride gets interrupted by EMTs, who inform him that he has a heart attack. His bosses called the medics to inform him that they were secretly collecting heart rate data from an Oura-like bracelet and initially suspected that he was doing a different type of late-night workout. He even refers to the famous scene from last month when he returns to work: “I’m going out like Mr. Big!” He exclaims, “Big!” to his coworkers.
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Although Mr. Big may have left And Just Like That, he has been haunting Peloton. First was the death of the fictional character, which caused stock prices to plummet. Peloton attempted to quickly reverse the situation with an ad featuring Ryan Reynolds, Mr. Big’s actor Chris Noth. The ad calls out the show and explains the health benefits of regular cycling. It ends with “he’s still alive.” After two women accused Noth sexual assault, Peloton removed the ad from its website a few days later.
According to The New York Times, Billions use almost the same plot point in And Just Like That. This is totally coincidental. According to The New York Times, the scene was shot in early 2013 and the line about Mr. Big was added after the fact. This serendipity is charming even though I don’t watch Billions. However, I can’t imagine Peloton agreeing with it. Although Wag’s lifestyle is not to blame for his heart condition, the company did point out to The Times the benefits of a good cardio workout.
I agree. After laughing about this whole thing, I feel great.

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