Sunday December 04, 2022

Anker Sale: 40% Discount on USB-C Cables, Chargers, and Other Products

AnkerIt’s now that you can charge your smartphone and laptop at maximum speed. Anker is offering a 40% discount for a limited time on its most popular charging accessories. This includes high-quality USB cables, iPhone cables, and a 30-watt GaN charge. The highlight of this sale is the 30-watt GaN charger. This record-breaking price is only $25, but it can charge a smartphone and MacBook Air at maximum speed. This GaN charger is small. It measures just 1.5 inches in width and is 59% smaller than the Apple power brick.
Here’s a complete list of all Anker charging accessories currently on sale:
30-watt GaN Charger: $25 ($9 off)
USB-C to Lightning Cable For iPhone (2-Pack): $24 ($16 Off)
Powerline III 100-watt USB-C Cable (2-Pack): $17 ($11 off)
Bundle: PowerCore III Elite 19200mAh Batterie + USB-C Adapter: $75 (25 percent off)
11-in-1 USB Hub with 4K Video Support, $65 ($35 Off)
9-in-1 USB C Docking Station for Laptops $105 (45 Off)
Surge Protector with Integrated USB-C PD Charger $26 ($14 Off)
PowerWave MagSafe Charging station: $33 ($16 off).
These charging accessories may be the right thing to get if your phone or laptop isn’t charging fast enough. To ensure your devices are charged at peak speed, make sure you purchase both a charger AND a USB-C (or Lightning!) cable

Anker 40% Discount

Take 40% off every item in Anker’s sale

Anker Nano II 30W Fast Charging Adapter, GaN II compact charger (not foldable) for MacBook Air/iPhone 13, 13 Mini/ 13 Pro/13 Pro Max/ 12, Galaxy S21/ Note 20, iPad Pro, Pixel and More

Anker’s GaN 30-watt charger is only 1.5 inches in width and can charge a smartphone or MacBook Air at maximum speed. Grab it now at the lowest price ever — just $25

Anker Powerline III USB C-to USB C Cable [2 Pack] 100W, USB 2.0 Type C Charging Cord for MacBook Pro 2020, iPad Pro 2020 and Galaxy S20 Plus S9 Pixel, Switch, LG, V20, and Other (White).

Two high-quality USB C cables with 100-watt charging support. This deal is too good to pass up.

Source: Anker via Engadget

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