Sunday December 04, 2022

AMD’s 4GB 6500XT New Model Doesn’t Have Enough RAM According to AMD

AMDAMD has just announced the 6500XT graphics card. This announcement would be exciting, but the new card only has four gigabytes of VRAM. AMDAMD stated that this card was not enough in 2020. AMD previously stated in a blog that 4GB RAM was not enough for modern games. AMD removed the blog post from its website just before the release of the new 6500XT. This was reported by KitGuru. It’s not a great look for AMD, but the new 6500XT isn’t terrible. The card costs only $199, which is very affordable. It also has solid specs, aside from the 4GB of VRAM. The card is not available in stock, but it is currently on sale.
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