Wednesday October 05, 2022

Amazon’s PTO policy for COVID-19 workers is ended

Amazon will no longer offer up to seven days of paid leave (PTO), for COVID-19-infected workers, according to an internal memo. The memo was obtained by The Verge (via CNBC). Amazon will offer up five days of unpaid, excused time starting Monday. This was in accordance with the updated guidance by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). According to the company’s “standard sick leave policy,” workers with confirmed COVID-19 cases may request paid time off. The company will no longer allow workers to take time off while they wait for their COVID-19 results. This is due to the availability of quick tests.
Amazon is also changing some of its COVID-19 policies. It is ending its vaccine incentive program, which paid workers $40 per COVID-19 vaccine they received. Additionally, it will no longer notify all workplaces of positive COVID-19 cases, “unless required by law.” Amazon has made adjustments to its policy throughout the pandemic. In February, it ended the requirement for warehouse workers to wear masks.
Amazon’s notice stated that “The sustained easing in the pandemic, continued availability of COVID-19 treatments and vaccines, and updated guidance by public health authorities all signal we can safely adjust to pre-COVID policy,” “We are closely monitoring the situation and will adjust our response as necessary.”
Amazon released its updated policies one day after the LDJ5 Amazon warehouse on Staten Island, New York had ended its union election. The National Labor Relations Board will count those votes on Monday. If the warehouse votes to unionize it will be the second Amazon warehouse to do this. A nearby warehouse on Staten Island voted last month to join the Amazon Labor Union (ALU), a historic victory for workers.

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