Sunday December 04, 2022

Amazon’s first clothing store lets you summon clothes to the fitting room

Amazon Style, a new type of physical store by the online shopping giant, will be focusing on clothing, footwear and other fashion accessories. It will open at The Americana at Brand shopping center in Los Angeles later in the year. This will be Amazon’s first-ever physical apparel store. The new Amazon Style store, which is in line with Amazon’s existing retail locations has all the latest shopping tech. Amazon has announced that clothes racks will be equipped with QR codes. Customers can scan the codes to view available sizes, colors and customer ratings as well as product details. With a simple tap, select items can be sent to a fitting area to be tried on. Amazon will also send you additional items that it thinks you might like. Amazon’s app will notify customers when a fitting room becomes available.
Amazon’s app will alert customers when their fitting room is ready. Image: AmazonThe fitting rooms will also have touchscreens so customers can request additional items to be delivered. You can choose to purchase items in-store or save them to the Amazon Shopping App to buy later. Customers can also use the app at home to search for the clothing they desire, and then have them delivered to the Amazon Style shop to be tried on in person. Amazon One will be supported by the store. This technology allows you to pay for items using your palm for identification verification.
Image: Amazon. Despite being in the fitting room, there is no mention of Amazon’s “Just Walk out” technology. This technology allows customers to pick up their items and walk out without having to pay at a register.
Amazon claims its new store is more space-efficient. Amazon Style can offer “more than twice the number of styles” than traditional stores of a similar size. If it works, it could also eliminate some of the problems associated with in-store shopping such as having to walk around in a store half-clothed looking for a different size.
Amazon claims that its new Style store will have traditional employees. They will help customers at checkout, deliver items to their fitting rooms, manage back-of-house and process payments.

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