Sunday November 27, 2022

Amazon’s Blink outdoor cameras are $50 off

Mondays are for football hangovers and extra strong coffee. We’re here to help you if the weekend brought you grief from some major playoff upsets. There’s no better way to soothe the pain of a 13-10 defeat to the sixth seed than to buy gadgets. You can put down the cheese and let the tears dry with these amazing deals. The latest Blink Outdoor cam with floodlight attachment is now only $89.98 at and Best Buy. That’s $50 less than its regular price $139.98. It includes a 700-lumen LED floodlight as well as the Sync Module 2, for connectivity. The Blink Outdoor camera with solar charger mount costs just $79.98, which is $50 off at Amazon and Best Buy. The same camera, in a configuration that almost guarantees you won’t swap batteries (though you will need to purchase your Sync Module separately for $35).
You’ve probably considered outdoor smart home cameras. But you have to decide whether you want them wireless and deal with limited battery life, or wired and deal with installation. Blink cameras offer a compromise with a battery life of up to two years using just two 1.5-volt AA batteries. Although they don’t have extra features such as person detection or package detection these cameras from Blink still provide the essentials, including motion detection and 1080p video.

Floodlight for Blink Outdoor camera (3rd-gen)

36% Discount

The Blink Outdoor camera with 1080p motion detection and paired with a 700-lumen floodlight, the Blink Outdoor camera can be used to illuminate and monitor driveways, yards, and entrances.

Amazon: $90
Best Buy: $90

Blink Outdoor camera, third-gen with Solar charging mount

39% Discount

The third-generation Outdoor camera by Blink has a great battery life and a solar charging mounting mount so you don’t have to worry about changing the AAs.

Amazon: $80
Best Buy: $80

Even though the most basic Apple AirPods will still be a great choice, they are still an excellent option in 2022, especially since they are as affordable as one Benjamin. Amazon offers the second-gen AirPods for $99.99 with a wired charging bag — a savings of approximately $29 on the regular going rate. Black Friday and Prime Day are the only times that the price drops. These AirPods have been outperformed by the AirPods Pro, which are currently on sale for $179.99. They’re still available and worth a purchase if you own an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Read our review.

AirPods (2nd-gen) with wired charging box

Save 23%

The AirPods are Apple’s second generation of wireless earbuds. They are also the cheapest model in their current AirPods range.

Amazon: $100

The HomePod Mini, Apple’s most popular product, is available at Costco for $79.99 ($20 off). Available in white or space grey. Costco members are the only ones who can get this deal. There is a limit of three members and shipping costs an additional $2.99. The HomePod Mini, a diminutive smart speaker from Apple, supports Siri voice commands and easy HomeKit integration for smart homes connectivity. It also features solid audio quality from a small speaker, complete with multi-speaker pairing. Since its larger sibling was discontinued 2021, it’s the only Apple smart speaker. Read our review.

Apple HomePod Mini

20% Discount

The Apple Homepod Mini is small and has a great sound quality. It also works well with other Apple devices.

Costco: $80

The deals are starting to trickle in if you get started early on your search for a new TV before Super Bowl. The 48-inch LG C1OLED is one of our favorites for watching movies, sports, and playing games. It’s currently $1,096.99 on BuyDig. It also comes with a four-year accidental damage warranty, $50 Visa gift card, and an extended four-year warranty. The $50 gift card can be replaced by a $100 eBay credit if you purchase it through BuyDig’s eBay shop. This deal on eBay is the best price for the 48-inch model. If you prefer a larger size of LG’s OLED, there is an identical deal for the 55-inch model for $1,296.99.

LG C1 OLED (48″

Save 16%

The LG C1 OLED begins with a 48-inch model and goes up to 83 inches. This OLED features a 120Hz refresh rate and FreeSync and GSync support. It also has a fast processor.

There have been a lot of deals on Google Nest Hub Max, but today’s sale is the best. It’s $10 lower than Black Friday. The 10-inch smart display with a camera is available at Best Buy and BuyDig for $170, which is a $60 savings. This is a great deal for the larger Nest Hub, which has a better sound output and can also be used for video calls. Google’s displays are renowned for their integration with Google Photos. This allows the screensaver automatically to be populated with a shared album. The Max display maximizes that experience. Read our review.

Google Nest Hub Max

26% Discount

The Nest Hub Max comes with a 10-inch screen and an integrated camera for video calls. It is Google’s largest smart display with Google Assistant.

Micro Center is offering a 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro processor for $2,449.99 (250 off). However, it is only available in-store. Read our review.
Amazon and Best Buy are offering great Nintendo Switch titles at $20 off, including Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and Bravely Default II. Also, Fire Emblem: The Three Houses and Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive edition. Amazon offers digital copies while Best Buy has physical cartridges.
Best Buy is offering the Surface Pro X 13-inch tablet with 512GB storage and 16GB memory for $300. This brings the price down to $1199.99 Read our review.

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