Thursday September 29, 2022

Amazon Labor Union fails as workers vote down union at second NYC facility

Amazon workers at the LDJ5 facility on Staten Island, New York voted against organizing with Amazon Labor Union. The vote was 618 noes to 380 yeses. It has been a long journey to the election at LDJ5. The ALU petitioned National Labor Relations Board (or NLRB), to hold an election at four Staten Island facilities. This included the sorting center. To ensure that there was sufficient interest, the union resubmitted its petition to include only the JFK8 facility. The ALU filed a petition in February to hold an election for LDJ5, and it was approved in March. The ALU won a historic victory next month when workers at JFK8 voted 2,654 to 2,131 for unionization.
The struggle to unionize LDJ5 is unlikely to end here. The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union successfully lobbied for another election at the NLRB (which oversees votes), in Bessemer, Alabama. They claimed that Amazon had interfered. Although the redo result indicated a loss for the union’s vote, there were many contested ballots which means that the results are not final. RWDSU already filed a complaint against Amazon alleging that it interfered in the second Bessemer election.
The ALU tweeted that it would continue organizing at “this facility and beyond” after the count was complete. The ALU still needs to negotiate a contract for JFK8 workers with Amazon, provided that the election results are not reversed. Amazon has filed a complaint alleging that the union and NLRB “suppressed or influenced votes” at JFK8. This process could take several months and will likely require the support of the facility’s workforce.
According to Vice’s lawyer, the ALU “will definitely contest the election.” He said that Amazon had violated laboratory conditions by holding mandatory anti-union meetings during the election, a practice that is being challenged by the NLRB.

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