Sunday December 04, 2022

Amazon faces a formal complaint from the labor board regarding worker firings

The National Labor Relations Board will file a complaint against Amazon claiming that the company fired an employee at one of its New York warehouses. If the company does not settle the case first. The issue is whether Daequan Smith (an organizer with the newly formed Amazon Labor Union) was fired for organizing. If the matter does not settle, the National Labor Relations Board will file a complaint against Amazon. Blado stated that the complaint would include allegations of a discharge due to union and other protected concerted activity, as well as other allegations.
The Verge requested comment from Amazon but Amazon did not immediately respond.
The ALU is awaiting a hearing to determine if it can hold a union election at the four Amazon warehouses on Staten Island. Smith was a worker in one of the Staten Island warehouses. The ALU tweeted Friday that Smith had been made homeless since his firing. Although the NLRB is authorized to reinstate workers who were fired for organizing, it is not clear if it would in this case.
After finding that Amazon had interfered in the April 2021 election, the NLRB ordered Amazon’s redo of the union election at its warehouse, Bessemer, Alabama. The redo will be done by mail and will be supervised by NLRB.

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