Tuesday October 04, 2022

After less than a full year, Facebook will shut down its podcast platform.

Facebook will close its podcast platform, less than one year after it was launched. Bloomberg News reports that creators will not be able to upload new shows to the service starting this week and will close the entire platform on June 3rd. The Verge was informed by Facebook that the platform will be closing on June 3rd. However, the exact date has not been revealed. This is part of a larger re-evaluation Facebook’s audio products. The company will also close Soundbites and Audio hubs and integrate its live-streaming feature Live Audio Rooms (essentially a cloned of once-buzzy Audio App Clubhouse) into its larger Facebook Live suite.
Adelaide Coronado, a spokesperson for Facebook, told The Verge that the changes would “simplify” the company’s audio offerings.
Coronado stated, “After a year learning and iterating audio-first experiences, I’ve decided that we’ll simplify our suite of Facebook audio tools.” “We are constantly evaluating the features that we offer to ensure we focus on the most meaningful experiences.”
It’s not surprising news. The audio market was extremely crowded in 2020 and 2021. Established players like SiriusXM, Amazon, and others were buying up podcast networks. Live audio app Clubhouse was briefly valued at $4 billion. Facebook, whose owners have never seen any tech trend they didn’t like, got involved. After a year of experimentation, the company appears to have come to a decision: it’s not worth it.

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