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56 Important SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Advertising Stats for 2022

If you’re not why you need to put cash behind your social media marketing campaigns certain, these social media marketing advertising figures should help.

Claire Beveridge
February 24, 2022

Here’s a rundown of important social media advertising data that each marketer should retain in their back again pocket to greatly help inform their 2022 ads strategy.
Right now, everyone doing social realizes that you can’t manage on natural posts alone. Brand names have to tie in pay for traffic to function alongside social media marketing holistically. Each technique impacts another, so make certain you’re putting apart some bucks to purchase paid cultural alongside natural in 2022.
With so many stations, working ads on social media marketing can experience overwhelming sometimes. But don’t get worried. We’ll show you through important advertisement stats to assist you realize where you ought to be allocating your advertisement budget and assets for successful strategies.

Table of Contents

General social advertising statistics

Instagram ad statistics

Facebook ad statistics

Ad statistics twitter

Snapchat ad statistics

LinkedIn ad statistics

YouTube ad statistics

TikTok ad statistics

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General public advertising statistics
Ad shelling out for social media marketing is projected to attain over $173 million in 2022
As social media marketing platforms become highly monetized and brands move toward including social commerce within their conversion strategy, it’s unsurprising that companies want to invest big on social media marketing ads. In the end, why wouldn’t you advertise where over 3.6 billion people hang out regularly?
Social media marketing usage continues to dominate the digital landscape
From 2020 to 2025, the real amount of people worldwide who use social media marketing is likely to grow from 3.6 billion to 4.4 billion. That’s over 1 / 2 of the complete planet’s population scrolling through social feeds.
In 2022, social media marketing video ad spending shall grow by 20.1% to $24.35 billion
You heard it here first (well, inside our Social Trends 2022 report) that short-form video is back en vogue. Thanks partly to the continued rise of Instagram Stories, Reels, and TikTok, snappy video content means how marketers are reaching audiences with ads also.

Source: eMarketer
Running ads is still a failsafe solution to boost your brand awareness
Surprisingly, 1 / 2 of adult internet surfers say that whenever brands use their data in advertising, it can help them discover (50%) and discover (49%) products that interest them.
Considering that advertising has been around some flux since Apple introduced additional privacy measures that allow iPhone users to opt-out of sharing trackable data, these statistics signal that isn’t lost for marketers reliant on ads to cultivate their business.
Trust is everything with regards to social media marketing and ad interaction still
52% of social media marketing users say that whenever a platform protects their privacy and data, it’s incredibly impactful on the decision to connect to the ads or sponsored content they see on the channel.
Social media marketing advertising may be the second biggest market in digital ads
Ads on social media marketing had worldwide revenue of $153 billion in 2021, which number is likely to grow to over $252 billion in 2026. The initial biggest advertising market? Search advertising.
Brands will be spending more on social ads in 2022
But if brands desire to create a splash, they’ll need to work harder to generate ads that mirror and enrich the distinct experience each social networking offers. Social media marketing managers should get creative because the ad space becomes more competitive and produce high-quality content that mirrors each network’s distinct experience.
Social media marketing will take into account 33% of most digital advertising spending in 2022
And annual advertising spends on social media marketing will top $134 billion in 2022, a rise of over 17% YOY (that’s yet another $23 billion!)
In Q4, 2021, the common CPM equated to $9.13, a jump from $7.50 CPM in Q4 2020
Does this signal that brands should expect a continual upsurge in CPM throughout 2022?
Brands will shift their ad spend from the additionally used channels away
This doesn’t mean the finish of running social ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But, marketers should look towards modern-day favorites: TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat, to reallocate a few of their ad budgets as these channels grow in popularity (especially TikTok).
And because these channels are less saturated, there’s more potential for ads gaining impressions and traction.
Instagram ad statistics
The full total potential reach of Instagram ads in 2022? 1.8 billion people
Woah! Which means that ad campaigns on Instagram can reach over 1 / 2 of Instagram’s 2 billion users in 2022.
For marketers, that is valuable information signaling the platform is where everybody appears to go out and, moreover, could be reached having an ad.
Instagram Stories ads provides in $15.95 billion worldwide in 2022
This figure has ended 25 % of the platform’s global net ad revenues. Ad spending keeps growing faster for Stories than for the Instagram Feed also. Markets will be foolish never to distribute their ad budget across Stories, Reels, and Feed to increase impressions and clicks.

Source: eMarketer
Instagram’s advertising reach has outpaced Facebook recently
If paid is section of your social media marketing strategy, it’s worth noting that Instagram’s ad reach is skyrocketing past Facebook’s at this time. Could this signal a trend that audiences are engaging more often on other channels?
Instagram’s ad reach jumped by an extraordinary 21% in 2021
Insta’s popularity is growing, therefore does its ad reach. If you’re seeking to spend your ad budget on Instagram, it could be worth also realizing that their ad reach is continuing to grow by over 60% within the last two years.

Source: Hootsuite
Ad reach between women (49.3%) and men (50.7%) was a fairly even split
For marketers, this signals that Instagram may be the perfect spot to run ads that target both these demographics.

Source: Hootsuite
US Instagram ad impressions are split chiefly between two formats: Feed and Stories
Will advertising on Reels remove in 2022? Or will marketers depend on Stories and Feed ads to create impressions and clicks?

Source: eMarketer
Our advice for marketers would be to ensure that you try new ad formats and find out what realy works best for you personally. For example, some brands could find more success on Reels for running ads in 2022, whereas others may see higher impressions and clicks through Feed, Stories, and Explore.
Facebook ad statistics
Ad impressions continue steadily to grow across Meta’s “Category of Apps”
Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp (collectively referred to as Meta’s Category of Apps), saw ad impressions grow by 10% in 2021. That is someone to watch as this number could steadily increase if Meta introduces the ability to run ads on Whatsapp, its only unmonetized app in the household.
The expense of running ads on Meta increased by 24% YOY
In accordance with Meta, “on the impressions side, we expect continued headwinds from both increased competition for people’s time and a shift of engagement in your apps towards video surfaces like Reels, which monetize at lower rates than Stories and Feed.”
For social media marketers, this may mean thinking carefully about how exactly to distribute their ad cover maximum impact.
Facebook’s monthly active users (MAU) approaches 3 billion
Given that you can find 7.7 billion people globally, the quantity of individuals who regularly use Facebook is really a staggering statistic that marketers should focus on.
For targeting ads, the predominant group is men aged 18-34, with ladies in the same generation trailing slightly behind.

Ads reach over 72% of Facebook’s MAU
Put simply, if you wish to get your organization eyeballed by way of a market, Facebook continues to be proving itself to be among the go-to channels to perform an ad campaign.
Advertisers are projected to invest over $50 billion on Facebook ads in 2022
If this spending pattern upwards continues to trend, Facebook could turn to net over $65 billion in ad revenue by 2023.

Source: eMarketer
Facebook is still the most-used social media marketing platform on the planet
Yup, we want to see it! Facebook continues to be dominating the marketplace because the world’s most-used platform, beating out YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram to first place.
For marketers, which means that having a presence on Facebook is vital to greatly help increase brand awareness, run targeted ad campaigns, and build a grouped community.

Don’t just forget about ads on Facebook Marketplace
Running ads within Marketplace may be near the top of your paid ads strategy, but ignoring the channel (particularly if you’re in the B2C market) could imply that you’re passing up on building potential prospects.
Meta reports that over 562 million folks have the potential to be targeted on Marketplace. That’s 26% of Facebook’s total advertising reach.

Ad statistics twitter
Twitter’s 2021 annual revenue jumped 37% to over $5 billion
The company may also be concentrating on performance advertising to greatly help push this number skyward in 2022.
Ad revenue on Twitter exceed $1.41 billion, a rise of 22% YOY
With an increase of people embracing run ads on Twitter in 2021, this number is likely to continually upsurge in 2022. Consider whether it’s worth getting back in on the Twitter advertising action now, prior to the space becomes overly saturated.
Monetizable daily active users (mDAU) grew by 13% to 217 million in Q4 2021
Is this a sign that Twitter’s mDAU will continue steadily to trend upwards in 2022?
38 million of the mDAUs originated from the US
Which isn’t surprising because American’s seriously love Twitter. THE UNITED STATES may be the country where Twitter may be the hottest with over 77 million users, closely accompanied by Japan and India with 58 and 24 million people logging in to the microblogging site.
So, if your market for ad campaigns may be the US market, Twitter may be the perfect social networking to perform campaigns.
Twitter is popular with millennials than Gen-Z
For marketers, this signals that Twitter may be the space to craft ad campaigns that target a slightly older generation.

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Ads reach 5 twitter.8% of the planet population over age 13
While this figure isn’t wildly high, it’s vital that you understand that Twitter is really a relatively niche platform and that 5.8% of individuals is possibly your engaged market.
People will spend 6-minutes each day on Twitter in 2022
This true number has held steady since 2020, so advertisers shouldn’t have to be worried about their campaign not getting eyeballed. However, this does imply that with this type of short level of potential impression time, Twitter ads have to stand out and become creative and engaging.

Twitter’s CPM may be the lowest of the many major platforms
Running ads on Twitter is relatively low priced. The common CPM is $6.46. That’s 78% less than Pinterest’s, that is $30.00 CPM.
Snapchat ad statistics
Snapchat’s daily active users (DAU) is growing
In comparison to Q4 2020, Snapchat’s DAU count increased by 20% to 319 million. This trend represents a fifth consecutive quarter that the social media marketing platform has seen increasing daily active users.
In Q4, 2021, Snapchat Discover helped brands reach over 50 million users
It appears like getting the brand featured on the Snapchat Discover segment isn’t a negative call.
Snapchat ads are 7x better than TV ads at reaching Gen Z
Also, remember that 72% of Snapchat ad viewers weren’t even reachable by TV ads, based on the same Neilsen study.
Snapchat may be the fourth most used network in 2022
TikTok has officially end up being the video platform of preference once we see more users logging in at least one time per month in comparison to Snapchat. But, all isn’t lost for advertisers!

Because Snapchat will continue steadily to grow and find more Gen-Z users
By 2025, Snapchat will reach slightly below 50 million Gen-Z users, making the platform a perfect space to perform ads that target that demographic.
And Gen-Z have an increased ad recall than older demographics
Gen-Z recall ads tend to be more than double the rate of Gen-X. The youngsters of today have an extraordinary 55% recall rate, in comparison to boomers, who’ve a 26% recall rate.

Source: Snapchat
64% of Snap Ads are viewed with sound on
For brands advertising on Snapchat, it’s necessary to incorporate audio into your ads for a highly effective campaign.
Want more Snapchat ad goodness? Have a look at this complete guide on how best to obtain the most from the Snapchat ad strategy.
LinkedIn ad statistics
LinkedIn ads reach 12% of the world’s population and 62% of the American population
Based on the latest LinkedIn statistics, the platform keeps growing with 675 million users worldwide.
In America, in accordance with Pew, the additional money an individual makes and the more education they will have, the much more likely they are to utilize the platform.
LinkedIn ads offer a lot more than 200 targeting characteristics
Whether you’re seeking to target groups predicated on experience, industry, or business size, LinkedIn offers you over 200 targeting characteristics to greatly help make sure your campaigns get seen by the proper people.
LinkedIn is primarily where in fact the guys go out
Almost 57% of the platform’s users are male, in comparison to 43% of female users.

LinkedIn has 180 million users in america alone
India came in a detailed second with 81 million users on the professional social media platform.
89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for to generate leads
Because LinkedIn’s advertising can target users by industry and job title, it’s particularly useful in generating leads for both marketing and sales folks.
And cost per lead on LinkedIn is 28% less than on Google AdWords, making the platform more appealing for a business’s important thing.
62% of B2B marketers say that Linkedin doubles their to generate leads
LinkedIn helps marketers connect to a dedicated, professional TKTK and audience.
LinkedIn’s average CPC is $5.26 U.S. dollars
This is actually the highest CPC of the major channels.
Prepared to skyrocket your LinkedIn ads strategy? Our complete guide to all or any things LinkedIn ads can help you get ready to improve your to generate leads in a heartbeat.
YouTube ad statistics
YouTube gets the second-highest CPM of all major channels
For the ad to be observed by 1,000 people on YouTube, this can cost you $9.68. This is actually the second-highest CPM, with Pinterest hitting the very best spot with a CPM of $30.00.
YouTube’s average CPC is $3.21
This can be a considerable difference from Twitter’s CPC, which really is a lowly $0.38.
YouTube ads targeted by intent have 100% higher lift in purchase intent than those targeted by demographics
There is also a 32% higher lift in ad recall. Combining demographics and intent only increases ad performance above targeting by intent alone slightly. People watching YouTube ads targeted by intent also skip ads less watching ads for longer than people watching ads targeted by demographics.
YouTube’s advertising revenue increased by 25% YOY
In the fourth quarter of 2021, YouTube’s ad revenue totaled $8.6 billion, an enormous increase from their Q4 2020 figure of $6.8 billion.

TikTok ad statistics
50. TikTok ads have the potential to attain almost 885 million people
Remember that if you opt to run an ad campaign on TikTok, you’ll must ensure your creative matches the channel’s ethos. Quite simply, keep things on-trend and light.
51. 18-24 year-olds are TikTok’s largest advertising audience
This isn’t unsurprising given the platform’s favorability with Gen-Z.

52. TikTok is on a mission to triple its ad revenue in 2022
The rising social media marketing video platform is hoping to create home an extraordinary $12 billion in advertising revenue, a considerable jump from the $4 billion is manufactured in 2021.
53. TikTok will try to expand its MAUs to over 1.5 billion in 2022
That is around 1 / 2 of Facebook’s MAUs. Pretty good for a social media site that’s been operating since 2016.
54. Major brands are slow to visit the TikTok train, signaling more room for all those already mixed up in space
Household names including IKEA, Nestle, and Toyota are yet to unlock the energy of short-form video on TikTok, making more room and less competition for brands already utilizing the platform.
55. TikTok has seen user growth across all corners of the planet

Is nowhere safe from the energy of TikTok?
56. 6% of users save money than 10 hours weekly on TikTok
11% of users spend between five and ten hours weekly on the app, and 30% of worldwide users spend significantly less than one hour weekly scrolling videos.
Feeling pumped to start out creating thumb-stopping ad content on TikTok? Our guide to running ads on TikTok has all you need to begin with.
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