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10 Tips and tricks To find the Most Out of Search engines Messages

It is possible to star messages in Google Communications now.Image: GoogleGoogle Messages is currently the default messaging and texting app for both Pixel handsets and Samsung phones, and it’s also available as a free of charge download for anybody else having an Android device. If you’ve been using Android for awhile, there’s an excellent chance you depend on Google Messages. Although it may seem such as a basic texting app, there are always a slew of features you need to know going to obtain the most out of Google’s iMessage rival.
AdvertisementTurn on RCSIf you haven’t enabled Google’s SMS-but-better service referred to as Rich Communication Services (RCS), that provides iMessage-like features like read receipts and improved video and photo support, you can certainly do this by tapping the three dots in the very best right corner and choosing Settings, Chat features, and Enable chat features then. Visit a “Communicating with you’ll…” message in conversations with fellow RCS users, while SMS will undoubtedly be used as a fallback for all those Android users who haven’t turned it on (and anyone utilizing an iPhone). Messages sent via RCS shall have a timestamp underneath them and a small padlock symbol, indicating that the contents of the conversation are encrypted.Put Chats in BubblesGoogle Messages supports bubbles on Android.Screenshot: Google MessagesIf you’re using Android 11 or later, your messaging apps may use bubbles, which are little pop-ups indicating a new chat is incoming. Google Messages includes support for bubbles, and you may enable them (either for the app all together or limited to specific contacts) by tapping the three dots (top right) and choosing Settings then Bubbles.
Get Smart ActionsGoogle and Replies can deploy on-device artificial intelligence to create up smart replies, quick suggested responses in line with the last message or two, in Google Messages like Gmail does for emails. If you’re pressed for time, it is possible to tap these smart replies to reply in the negative or affirmative, or even to send an email of thanks, or even to deliver a proper emoji.AdvertisementThere’s a related feature called suggested actions, which enables you to develop a calendar event in the event that you mention the right time and date, for instance, or take up a Google Duo call, all with one touch in the conversation window. Make it possible for or disable either of the features, tap on the three dots in the very best right corner of the primary screen, pick Settings and Suggestions then. Schedule MessagesSet a note to later on send.Screenshot: Google MessagesAdvertisementGoogle Messages includes a schedule send feature. To utilize it, tap the + (plus) icon left of the written text entry box, choose Schedule send then. It works very much as you’ll expect pretty, and you will specify your personal date and time or pick among the suggestions. Your phone should be on and linked to data for the message to be sent at the appointed time.
Pinch to ZoomUsing the pinch-to-zoom gesture to obtain a closer look at maps or photos is second nature to many of us at this stage, and you could utilize the same trick in the Google Messages interface. Start a conversation, hold two fingers on the screen, then move them from one another to help make the text bigger apart.AdvertisementIt’s handy so you can get an improved look at information (such as for example addresses) that folks have texted for you, along with checking details in photos. When you wish to visit normal back, reverse the pinch-to-zoom gesture. Pin Conversation ThreadsYou can pin around three messages near the top of the chat list.Screenshot: Google MessagesAdvertisementOne way you may make your preferred people as well as your favorite conversations simpler to access is by pinning them to the very best of the screen so that they stay permanently near the top of your chats. Press and hang on a conversation from the primary chat list, then tap the pin icon at the top toolbar to place it set up (or even to unpin it again).
Find Almost AnythingGoogle Messages includes a more comprehensive search function than you might have realized, and you also don’t have even to be certain what you’re searching for to begin with. Tap in the search box near the top of the primary conversation list and you’ll see ideas for contacts and categories (like photos or starred messages) that you could search for.AdvertisementTap the accepted locations shortcut to consider any messages that produce mention of addresses, for instance, or choose Links to get messages which have web or social media marketing links embedded inside them. The app enables you to read through individual conversations aswell: Just tap the magnifier icon on the toolbar at the very top, get into your keyphrases then. Star MessagesStar text messages that you later on need to get again.Screenshot: Google MessagesAdvertisementGoogle Messages carries a simple star feature that will help make contact with important messages easily. If you are using starred messages in your email inbox, it’s exactly the same idea. Long press on a note tap the star icon to use it then, and you may quickly find your starred emails by tapping the three dots (top right) and choosing Starred.
Use Google Messages on the WebYou can access your chats through any browser by navigating to and scanning there the QR code you discover. From Google Messages on your own phone, tap the three dots (top right), device pairing then, and the QR code scanner should appear (you can view currently paired devices on a single screen).AdvertisementUsing the net interface straightforward is rather, though both your browser as well as your phone need a dynamic web connection (you should use the net app independently of one’s phone at this time). There’s a dark mode and a higher contrast theme it is possible to switch to, and some useful keyboard shortcuts you should use. Press ? to visit a full list on screen.Get Help from Google AssistantThe Google Assistant could make smart suggestions in your chats.Screenshot: Google MessagesAdvertisementYou can easily see suggestions from Google Assistant between your conversations, so if you’re chatting concerning the weather with someone, for instance, you can research the forecast. All of the analysis and scanning happens on your own device. Make it possible for it, tap the three dots (top right), then pick Settings and Suggestions.

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